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About Carole

I am your therapist, coach and mediator during your relationship workshop.

You are in safe hands with me.

Masters in Counselling & Applied Psychotherapy
Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy
Dip. of Neuro Linguistic Training
Dip. Botanical Medicine
Dip. Aromatherapy
Dip. Remedial Massage

Carole Kelly, Relationship Therapist

I have been practising in the fields of mental and physical health for over 40 years. (See the bordered panel for details about my professional qualifications). In addition to psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy, I have also practised as a medical herbalist, remedial massage therapist and aromatherapist, and I still incorporate a holistic approach to my counselling practice.

During my time in private practice, apart from relationship counselling, my major areas of focus have been in trauma and sexual / emotional / physical abuse survivors. I have also worked in several crisis telephone line entities, in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

With this extensive experience, I bring practical worldly knowledge, training and empathy into our relationship sessions. I am non-judgmental, accepting and compassionate, with a rich source of theoretical and practical knowledge to help you develop a loving and fulfilling relationship.

I will be delighted to talk to you about your individual needs and expectations, for your individually designed workshop. This can be done by a phone call or by a free 15 minute online video conference session with you and your partner. To book this session, please contact me.