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Since I started my Relationship Rescue Retreats and workshops in December 2013, I have been able to help over 100 couples.

Below are some of the lovely things that my clients have written about their experience of working with me.

K&G from NSW

My husband and I were having communication problems in our relationship which was causing disharmony between us and we weren’t able to work through it alone. We agreed to seek help from a qualified Counsellor and found Carole’s relationship workshop through a google search. Whilst we were somewhat hesitant about working with a person who we had not met, I felt reassured when I called and spoke to Carole and had a good discussion with her over the telephone. We then agreed on a date and schedule for our workshop.

Carole was very accommodating with our schedules and we were able to arrange our counselling workshop easily.

To be honest, the thought of discussing several years of built up relationship issues in detail was somewhat terrifying, yet Carole was able to provide us with a safe and comfortable environment to do this. We both felt at ease with her and fully committed to the process of working on our relationship, which we did over a… weekend of intensive counselling sessions. Carole provided us with a workbook that was informative and useful and which was used throughout the workshop. During the workshop she guided us to listen to one another and acted as a mediator as needed.

Two highlights of the workshop were on the final day, where after discussing our issues we then developed a plan together in the form of a contract to one another. Secondly, we participated in art therapy where we painted together on one canvas, a picture of our imagined life together. This painting is now in our study and is an important reminder to us of the work we have done together to improve our relationship and what we need to continue to do each day in order to realise our vision of a family that we create and maintain together. Importantly, Carole followed up with us two weeks after our workshop via Skype and provided us with support and encouragement to keep working on our relationship and to honour the commitments we made to one another in our contact. I am happy to report that we have been doing this and that our communication has improved considerably, making us each feel understood and more valued in our relationship.

We cannot thank Carole enough for her guidance and support and we would recommend her and her relationship workshop weekend without hesitation.

J from Queensland

We are going real well, probably better than we ever expected.

There has been no false honeymoon period for us and we are well back in the normal life.

However, we are consciously and subconsciously abiding by our contract and all the other good stuff you opened our eyes up to.

I personally thank you for making such a difference to my life and I know (my partner) feels the same.

J&M from NSW

Your workshop was great for us and was what we needed to make a fresh start and turn our relationship around.

The sessions… were great in the sense that all our grievances and issues were aired and addressed and with your guidance, resolved. I don’t think we would have had such an excellent result if our sessions dragged on week after week.

We learnt a lot, realized and acknowledged our behaviour, and as a result our relationship is now wonderful!

We’d recommend your workshop to any couple who are in trouble and want to rekindle their love!

Thanks again Carole