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Booking My Workshop

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Use the form below, or contact me by phone on 0493 960 854.

Use the form below, or contact me by phone on 0493 960 854.

This intensive 2-Day Workshop is held at my professional clinic in the historic town of Lithgow. You will need to book your own local accommodation so that you are able to focus just on the workshop, and your time together. Read here, for more details about the workshop structure and fees.

Workshops are usually run over a weekend (Saturday / Sunday), but a Friday /  Saturday or Thursday / Friday combination may also be available on request.

You and your partner can escape the responsibilities of every-day life for two days, and just focus on your relationship. By leaving behind family and work pressures, and the time constraints involved in traditional weekly counselling sessions, you will be free to rediscover yourselves as partners and to remember why you originally made the choice to be together.

Don’t leave it too late! If your relationship is already in crisis, don't wait to find help...

Traditional relationship counselling takes place for forty-five minutes every 1 or 2 weeks, or even less frequently, because of the difficulties in organising busy people to fit in time during working hours, and it often fails to be effective.

It takes time for each person to tell their story and for the therapist to mediate and validate. Often the individuals don’t even discuss the insights raised, from one session to the next, because they step out straight back into ‘real life’.

This is incredibly frustrating not only for the clients but the therapist too, and in 2013 when I originally conceptualised Rekindle the Love, it was important to me that clients had the opportunity to spend quality counselling time in an intensive workshop and retreat, to allow the time to explore all issues at the depth that they required.