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Intensive 2-Day Workshops for Relationship Rescues

Couple Counselling with Carole Kelly at Rekindle the Love™

Sometimes a relationship can reach a point of crisis where you need to make some decisions as to your next step. Perhaps there has been infidelity, a family crisis that has torn you apart, or simply years of poor communication and indifference that have reached a boiling point. You are not sure if you want to leave, but you can’t continue to live like this.

My two day intensive  workshop will allow you both to unpack the damage you have brought to this breakdown and discuss how you can begin to make repairs. It allows you to have your say in a safe and supportive environment and to start the process towards the decision making of ‘where to from here’?

This workshop provides a space to not only allow you to make decisions about your future, but to understand what has ruptured your intimate couple bond. It is a starting point towards understanding and healing, by giving you the necessary tools in order to make the changes that you both desire.

Intensive Couple Counselling

Rekindle the Love is the original couple counselling 2-day intensive workshop / retreat. I established these workshops in 2013, with a focus on relationship repairs and rescues through intensive counselling and they are available 51 weeks throughout the year.

Because every relationship is not the same, I don’t offer only one modality of relationship counselling. You are able to benefit from my eclectic training and not be pressured to fit into a predetermined mould. The framework I use in my workshops includes, amongst others, concepts from Family Therapy,The Gottman Method, Harville Hendrix, Stan Tatkin, Art Therapy, Narrative Theory and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Sessions are also individually structured to allow you to meet and exceed your goals.

My workshops are suitable for all relationships, including blended families, throuples & LGBTIQ and your precious time is not shared with other clients.

Carole Kelly, Relationship Therapist
Carole Kelly, Relationship Therapist

I am an experienced psychotherapist with a master’s degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy and have been counselling clients for over twenty years. Read here for more details about my background. Couples travel from all over Australia and overseas to complete my intensive workshops.

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Relationship Rescue with Carole

There are no guaranteed results in couple counselling, but whatever the outcome, you can be sure that you gave this relationship your best attempt to repair, rescue, and rekindle.